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Name:Dying our way through the alphabet
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Because you can always use another place to vent where everyone understands how dangerous letters can be!

This is a really new community and I'm pretty procrastinatey about advertising, so don't be scared by the smallness. Everything's gotta start somewhere! Worst case scenario, it sits around unused on our reading lists for a while and I end up feeling a bit silly.

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@, adom, angband, ascii graphics, close calls, doomrl, dungeon crawl, dungeons, dwarf fortress adventure mode, dying, dying a lot, dying all the time, dying while we're at it, elona, finding something great, getting lucky, getting unlucky, losing is fun, macguffins, maybe diablo i guess, moria, mystery dungeon why not, nethack, powder, random number god, rogue, roguelikes, roleplaying, slash'em, spelunky works too, tiles are also fine, yasd, zangband
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